Children's First Lobes

*For children 5 - 9 years old*
*For children 10 years and up, please book a regular lobe piercing* 
*We do not pierce infants*

A child's first lobe piercing is a very important and special milestone. At Ouro, we want to make your child's first lobe piercings a memorable moment to celebrate!

We do a two-step process when performing a child's first lobe piercings. 

The first step is to book an initial Children's First Lobe Piercing Consultation. During this appointment, your child will meet our piercers and have a tour of our space so they'll feel comfortable for their big day. They'll learn about the whole piercing process from start to finish. We'll talk in depth about the responsibilities of taking care of a brand new piercing, go over the dos and don'ts, and of course, we'll help your child pick their jewellery.

During this appointment, we'll perform your child's actual piercing. We'll book their piercing appointment during the Children's First Lobe Piercing Consultation. The piercing appointment must be at a later date (at least 24hrs after the consultation). 



We use single use sterile piercing needles for all our piercings. We do not use piercing guns nor recommend getting pierced by one. 

Informed Consent
Please note, we require informed consent from the child getting pierced, and we'll only proceed with the piercing if they are ready.

Lifestyle and Aftercare
Healing a fresh piercing takes time, patience, and at times may require some temporary lifestyle adjustments.The following activities greatly affects the healing time:

  • Swimming - We do not recommend swimming or submerging a fresh piercing in pools, oceans and lakes for 2 months after getting pierced. 
  • Contact Sports, Helmets - Activities that have a high risk of bumping, snagging, impacting, or hitting your piercing, (i.e. boxing, jujitsu, martial arts, or activities that require tight fitting helmets) may increase the risk of irritation.
  • Initial jewellery must not be removed for the duration of your healing time which is 3 - 6 months for lobes. The only exception is when upsizing or downsizing the post (only performed by our piercers).

We only pierce with jewellery from our showroom. This is because we follow standards for initial piercings set out by the Association of Professional Piercers and all of our jewellery meets or exceeds these standards.

For children's first lobes, we use press-fit jewellery which is versatile and very comfortable for everyday wear. See how press-fit jewellery works

We offer a wide range of implant grade titanium and solid 14K and 18K gold press-fit jewellery for your child to choose from.

We do not pierce with hoops/rings for initial jewellery. This is because hoops move around quite a bit in a freshly pierced piercing channel which greatly affects healing time. They also tend to easily get snagged on hair, fingers, clothing, headphones etc... which is not the best for healing piercings.

We'll use a slightly longer threadless post for their initial jewellery to accomodate the natural swelling that will occur during the first few weeks after getting pierced. We recommend downsizing the threadless posts after 2 months to minimize the risks of the post from getting snagged. This will also provide for a more comfortable fit.

Parents/Guardians, please bring valid government issued photo ID to your appointment  Your attendance and consent is required for the appointment. We will also need ID for the child getting pierced - school ID or health cards, paired with a birth certificate is accepted.

Consultations are complimentery. The piercing services fees for both lobes is $50, jewellery costs are additional. More on Pricing 


Book an Appointment 

Step One

Step Two - Piercing Appointment
We'll book your child's piercing appointment during the consultation