We charge a piercing service fee and the cost of jewellery is additional. We specialize in gold jewellery and offer a selection of curate pieces from various designers. Fun fact: Ouro means gold in Portuguese 

Our jewellery is sold individually and starts at around $100 for solid 14k or 18k pieces. All our gold jewellery is nickel and cadmium free. We also carry a selection of implant grade titanium which start at around $50 per piece

  • Consultations and Jewellery Viewings


    (no piercings performed during these appointments)

  • Jewellery Changes

    jewellery changes $10
    upsize and downsizes are complimentary

  • Ear Piercings

    single lobe - $30

    both lobes, helix, forward helix, conch, daith, rook, snug, or tragus - $50

    industrial - $60

  • Facial and Oral Piercings

    eyebrow, lip, nostril, philtrum, septum, tongue - $50

  • Torso Piercings

    navel, nipple - $50

    *not all navels are suitable for piercing. Our piercers will perform an anatomy check before proceeding

  • Adult Piercings