Multiple Piercings Appointment (For Clients 18 Years and Up) Continued


Lifestyle and Aftercare
Healing a fresh piercing takes time, patience, and at times may require some temporary lifestyle adjustments. The following activities greatly affects the healing of a new piercing:

  • Swimming - We do not recommend swimming or submerging a fresh piercing in pools, oceans and lakes for at least 2 months after getting pierced. This is because open bodies of water harbour harmful bacteria that may enter the piercing channel and lead to irritation and infection. Swimming pools/hot tubs contain harsh chemicals that can delay your piercing’s healing time and cause irritation.
  • Contact Sports, Helmets - Activities that have a high risk of bumping, snagging, impacting, or hitting your piercing, (i.e. boxing, jujitsu, martial arts, or activities that require tight fitting helmets) may increase the risk of irritation.
  • Initial jewellery must not be removed for the duration of your healing time which is 3 - 6 months for ear lobes. The only exception is when upsizing or downsizing the post (only performed by our piercers).
  • Travel - consider postponing your piercing appointment if you plan on travelling in the immediate future. This is because when flying or visiting a destination, the altitude change, climate change and pressure inside an aircraft can cause your fresh piercing to swell and lead to irritation. 
  • Beauty products -  i.e. hair dye, hair styling products etc, that come in contact with your piercing may cause irritation or piercing bumps.
  • Ear wear/devices - Headphones, ear muffs, glasses, stethoscopes, ear plugs, etc - Kindly note that these items may affect the healing of your piercing.

Special Medication
Kindly let us know if you are taking Accutane/Isotretinoin/Roaccutane. We aren’t able to pierce clients who are on these medications, or have taken these medications within the last 6 months.

Pregnant or Nursing
We don’t pierce clients who are pregnant or nursing. This is because individuals who are pregnant or nursing have immune systems that undergo some changes that increase the risk of irritation, infection, excessive scar tissue, possible allergic reactions and difficulties with healing. 

Appointment duration: 45 minutes. Includes: piercing consultation, anatomy check, jewellery viewing, and piercing.