Piercing Appointment for Minors 15 - 17 Years Old

We offer the following piercings for minors 15  years of age: earlobes, helix. Maximum 2 lobe piercings, or 1 single helix performed per appointment. 

We offer the following piercings for minors 16 - 17 years of age: earlobes and the following cartilage piercings including helix, forward helix, flat, conch, tragus, rook, daith, anti-tragus, eyebrow, navel, septum, lip. Maximum 2 lobes, plus one cartilage piercing performed per appointment. 


We use single use sterile piercing needles for all our piercings. We do not use piercing guns nor recommend getting pierced by one. 

Informed Consent
Please note, we require informed consent from the minor getting pierced, and we'll only proceed with the piercing if they are ready.

    Jewellery - We only pierce with jewellery from our showroom. This is because we follow standards for initial piercings set out by the Association of Professional Piercers and all of our jewellery meets or exceeds these standards.

    We only pierce lobes with with press-fit jewellery paired a threadless post for initial jewellery. See how press-fit jewellery works

    We offer a wide range of implant grade titanium and solid 14K and 18K gold press-fit jewellery for your child to choose from.

    We do not pierce with hoops/rings for initial jewellery. This is because hoops move around in a freshly pierced piercing channel which greatly affects healing time. They also tend to easily get snagged on hair, fingers, clothing, headphones etc... which is not the best for healing piercings.

    Once swelling from your initial piercing has subsided, a downsize of your threadless post will be required. This is because we use a longer threadless post for their initial jewellery to accommodate the natural swelling that will occur during the first few weeks after getting pierced. Downsizing minimises the risks of the post from getting snagged which may lead to piercing irritation, or loss of jewellery. A downsize will provide for a more comfortable fit and help with the next stage of healing. For most cartilage piercings, it’s crucial to downsize to  prevent piercings from drifting, healing in an undesired angle and prevent irritation bumps. The cost for a shorter threadless post is additional.

    ID, Parental Consent and Attendance

    • Parental Presence - One Parent/Legal Guardian must be present during the minor’s piercing appointment. Minors cannot be pierced without the accompaniment of a parent or legal guardian.
    • Valid ID for Parent/Legal Guardian - A valid government-issued photo ID for the Parent/Legal Guardian is required.
    • Valid ID for Minor - The minor getting pierced must provide a valid government-issued photo ID or a health card. For minors, a school ID or health card, when paired with a birth certificate, is accepted for the piercing appointment.


    • Consultations are complimentary
    • We charge a service fee and the cost of jewellery is additional. Piercing service fees are listed below.
    • Jewellery costs start at $50 per piece for implant grade titanium designs, and $100 per piece for solid 14K and 18K gold.  
    • Downsize costs are $23 for each threadless post ($46 per pair). The service fee for a downsize is $10, or complimentary if pierced at Ouro. 
    • Aftercare spray is $12

    Piercing Etiquette
    During the piercing procedure, the piercer will guide the experience and parents are encouraged to support their child during the process. This means that if a minor feels that they are not ready, we ask the parents to respect their decision. Kindly note that our piercers will not perform any piercings without consent, or if our piercers feel that a minor is not ready. Only parents and the child getting pierced are allowed inside the piercing room. This is to allow our piercers enough space to do their work at their best and provide your child with the most calm and positive piercing experience. In addition, we ask that no photos or videos are taken during the piercing procedure. This is because it adds extra and unnecessary pressure to our piercers who need to focus and perform their craft to the best of their abilities, while adding some distractions to both the child and piercer(s). We welcome, and love, before and after photos and videos during your piercing experience at Ouro.