Mini Visit

Click the following mini visits for more details. Please note, these appointments are 15 minutes in duration and do not have time allotted to get pierced, or to view jewellery.

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Downsize or Upsize Only

This is a quick 15 minute appointment where we downsize or upsize your piercing.

There is a $10 service fee (waived if pierced at Ouro) and the cost of a new post is additional (if required).

Anatomy Check

This is a short 15 minute visit where you’ll meet with one of our piercers. We’ll check your anatomy and answer any questions before moving forward with your piercing.

Service Fee - complimentary.

Custom Jewellery Orders

Drop by and see us if you would like to custom order any jewellery from any of our designers. We'll do a quick anatomy check and measurements to ensure a perfect fit.

Service Fee - complimentary. Jewellery costs additional

Jewellery Repairs

Oh Snap! Sometimes, accidents happen but not to worry, we've got you covered. Drop off your jewellery and we’ll send it off for repairs. This service is only available for jewellery purchased at Ouro.

Jewellery Removal

Book this appointment if you require help removing your jewellery.

Service Fee - $10

In-store Pick-up

Schedule a pick up for:

  • new jewellery orders
  • aftercare spray

Visit Us!

Drop by and come see what we're all about, meet our team and have a tour of our space!