Jewellery Removal / Insertion for Medical Procedures

This is a two-step mini visit to safely remove and re-insert jewellery for medical procedures. 

First Visit
During this visit, our piercers will safely remove your jewellery and prepare your piercings for your medical procedure. Our piercer may recommend to temporarily wear a glass retainer for piercings that are not fully healed, irritated or for various piercings that tend to heal over once jewellery is removed. Removing jewellery for even a short period of time from a fresh or irritated piercing can cause the piercing channel to shrink quickly, making re-insertion challenging.

Note: Check with your medical professional to ensure a glass retainer is suitable for your specific procedure.

Removal service cost: $10 for up to 4 piercings.
Retainer cost are additional and varies between $15 to $25 per piece.
For larger gauges (10G and up), there is a $10 fee for sterilising tools.

Second Visit (Booked during your first visit)

Service fee: $10

This fee covers insertion for up to 4 piercings.

Note : We do not process (sterilise) outside jewellery unless it's a brand we work with.