Jewellery Downsize (5 - 9 Years Old)

In 2 - 3 months after getting pierced, we’ll need to replace the threadless posts to a shorter one. This is because we use a longer threadless post for their initial jewellery to accommodate the natural swelling that will occur during the first few weeks after getting pierced. Downsizing the threadless posts after 2 - 3 months minimises the risks of the post from getting snagged which may lead to piercing irritation, or loss of jewellery. More importantly, a downsize will provide for a more comfortable fit as the jewellery will fit more snug. 

    The cost for a shorter threadless post is $23 per piece. The service fee of $10 is waived for children pierced at Ouro. 

    Appointment Duration: 15 mins (no time alloted for jewellery shopping)