Downsize, Removals and Insertions for Clients 18 Years and Up

Jewellery Downsize

A downsize is required 2 - 3 months after a piercing, once the natural swelling of the piercing subsides. Changing to a shorter threadless post (the part of the jewellery that goes through the piercing channel) minimises the risks of the jewellery from getting snagged which may lead to piercing irritation, or loss of jewellery. More importantly, a downsize will provide for a more comfortable fit as the jewellery will fit more snug.

    The service fee for a downsize is $10. 

    Jewellery Removals and Insertion
    Select this appointment if you require help removing or inserting your jewellery. 

    If you need to remove your jewellery for an MRI or other medical procedures, please remember to book a second appointment if you need help re-inserting your jewellery. 

    The service fee for jewellery removal is $10 for up to 2 pieces.
    The service fee for jewellery re-insertion is $10 for up to 2 pieces.