Follow-up / Troubleshooting for Minors 10 - 14 Years Old

    Select this appointment if you require a check-up, or if you are experiencing trouble with your piercing. For piercing emergencies, call us 778-237-7788 during opening hours, or email

    At times, a piercing may encounter problems or become irritated especially if a piercing gets snagged, slept on, or exposed to germs etc. One of the most common sources of irritation for children’s lobes is the presence of moisture behind the ears. This usually happens when we sleep with wet hair, have wet hair resting behind the ears, or not drying the back of the ear after showers. We ask both parents and the child to monitor these situations to avoid the possibility of irritation. 

    Tip: Most irritations can be addressed or prevented simply by spraying the piercing area with sterile saline solution (aftercare spray) and keeping the piercing site dry (especially after showers or spraying with aftercare solution). If an irritation is left untreated may lead to more complications.

    *If you suspect an infection, call your doctor immediately, as we are not able to diagnose or treat infections*


    If an upsize is required, the cost of a threadless post is $23 per piece plus service fee of $10. 

    Appointment Duration: 15 mins (no time alloted for jewellery shopping)