Book an Ear Piercing Appointment


  • We do not recommend swimming or submerging your piercing in pools, oceans and lakes for 6 - 8 weeks after getting pierced. Consider postponing your appointment if you plan on swimming.
  • Aside from septum, daith and some adult piercings, we do not pierce with hoops for initial jewellery. This is because hoops move around in the piercing channel and the edges of the hoop scrape the tissue. This constant scraping of unhealed tissue greatly affects healing time.
  • Initial jewellery must not be removed for the duration of you healing time (minimum 3 months up to 1 year, depending on piercing location and individual healing)
  • The piercing services fees for ear locations are: single lobe - $30, both lobes, helix, forward helix, conch, daith, rook, snug, tragus or industrials are $50. Jewellery costs are additional. Click here for more info.