Ear Lobe Styling, Jewellery Shopping for Minors 10 - 14 Years Old

Book an ear lobe styling session and/or shop for new jewellery!

This appointment is for:

  • if your piercing is not fully healed, but it's time for a downsize (swapping for a shorter post), you can opt to purchase new threadless ends (the frontal part of the jewellery). 


  • if your piercing is fully healed it's time for some fun! At this stage, you can shop for some fancy threadless ends, drips, charms or hoops! 

If you would like us to perform a jewellery change, the service fee is $10. The cost of new jewellery is additional. 

The cost for a shorter threadless post is $23 per piece. The cost for new threadless ends range from $30+ for implant grade titanium designs, or around $80+ for solid 14K/18K gold. 

30 mins (no piercings performed)